We are consumer advocates for professional retail, gaming and trucking industry workers: We offer full service job history and criminal record cleanup for individual workers.†

Our services include obtaining, review and cleanup of reports produced by Sterling, †HireRight, †ADP, †Lexis Nexus, †National Theft Database, and First Advantage. †A Worker Advocate is assigned to your case and works to remove negative information from your job history and criminal record reports.†

Our company has nearly a decade of experience in employment and criminal history record disputes. We first aided CDL drivers in the U/S. long-haul trucking, an industry that is known for employer record inaccuracy and violations of FCRA employment law.

  • We understand why the weakness in †reporting can allow retail employers, †gaming operators, and trucking companies to report inaccurate, negative and even false information on you.
  • We understand the federal laws FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) rules that the reporting companies must comply with. Your Worker Advocate will work to ensure that these companies remove negative †information on your report.

How we work to clean up your DAC report:

  • We obtain your history record on your behalf.
  • Your Worker Advocate will analyze any negative job history, or criminal record information contained in the report. We contact you by whatever method you prefer, phone, email, fax, or US Mail.
  • We write the letters and do all the work to ensure that reporting companies comply with all federal law to quickly remove negative information on your report.

Get the job you deserve, donít let a bad work or criminal history hold you back!

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As a Professional Retail, Gaming, or CDL Driver, your Work History Record determines Whether you are Hired or Fired.

Get and Keep the Job you Deserve